Diary in English!!

I'm a learner of English.I'll write a diary on this blog.

Why i wanna take part in the internship program.

Recently, due to the rise in the value of the yen, Japanese manufactures expands their business overseas, and a lot of factories are built in southern-eastern Asia. According to the economic news, in the future, Japanese engineers have to work in the other countries in order to compete with the foreign enterprises. Based on these observations, through this internship program, I would like to learn “how to communicate with foreigners in business”.

Occasionally, communication skill is more important than special abilities. From my experience, even if we get stuck with some problem, we can solve it by having a talk with co-worker. We can exchange the idea and approximate a solution. However, I cannot imagine how to consult with others in foreign language despite the language problem & cultural difference. Is it possible to have a useful discussion?

Therefore, I want to see the practical way of communication and get used to communicate with foreigners in English.


Take a rest

Today , I took a rest because i’m do tired of everyday life. I have so many things to think about such as “club activity”, “research work”, “relationships”,”future” etc. My brain got saturated!
I tried not to think about anything. The goal is refreshing my brain. So i slept for 5 hours & watched a drama. By taking a rest i felt better than yesterday. From now on, I wanna do my best to enhance my skill.

Control engineering.

Recently i try on to study control engineering deeper than before since i take a class of control engineering at school. I’m now major in electronics control, and from next year, i’m gonna major in mechanical engineering( especially nanomechanics). Therefore it is essential to gain knowledge of control engineering and get be able to create a simulation model.

I’m now studying classical control theory. This is an easy and practical theory. We use block diagram and Bode diagram to show the reaction. 

And there are more abstract theory which is called “modern control theory”. We use matrix to show the state of system. This is a little hard to understand and difficult to use by human. But it is suitable for computer calculation and can make a simulation model for computer.

I will finish the classical theory in this year, and go on to study modern theory from next year!!

My plan to make up an interesting web site.

I wanna make a web site about the way of studying English for Kosen students. There are some reasons.

I wanna change the general atmosphere which is “Kosensei has remarkable excelence about technology but can’t use English…”. Actually most of my friends hate English. They always said “Kosensei is weak at English” But this is not true. It is the truth that “He is good enough to use English but he is also good at refusing it!” If we want to roll in, Kosen is difficult school as compared to others. Therefore they surely have a potential capacity to get used to English. They need a occasion and environment to get closed to English. I wanna change this situation through a good web site.

Well, i’ve been talking about an official excuse. Then go on to a grown-up talking.

I wanna get money through the ads on my website. There are many ways to earn money(affiliate ,click)  on the web pages. I will use wordpress and try to make a web-site as a business.  This is business. So i’m carefully thinking about what content is hot, good way of marketing, release interval, and others. And i get a conclusion that i should utilize my career as English lover and the fact that i have TOEFLiBT 80.

Whether i study abroad or not, it is sure that i will work at overseas, using English. Therefore it will be interesting that the web-site has a information about business-like survival English and the learning way of English as a Japanese student. I will be able to write the difference between Japan’s English exam and the real using English. It provide benefit toward Kosensei, College student, Master course student, workers, students who hope to study&work abroad, and many other persons. I strongly said that i want to write an interesting articles, and provide money.


It is really fun to write a cord of PHP.

The style of language is similar to C, so i can easily understand. What is more, i can use my knowledge of html. I can’t wait to learn the new functions of PHP.


By the way, i finished to write down a essay for overseas internship program. I wanna go to Vietnam to feel the enthusiastic young people. In south-east Asia, economic is growing higher and higher. i wanna use my English and have a wonderful time.


I began to study PHP to learn about online based application, so callled “web apps”. Actually i already have been studying html&css to make my own web-site and i almost understand how they act. i get to read the source of them so i’ll go on to the next step. That is, as mentioned above, web apps.

The reason why i choose PHP is that grammar of PHP is similar to C. I master the basic way of C-programing. So i can easily get on to edit PHP.

I learn PHP from a web-site, Beginner of PHP, which has easy explanation of PHP and has some exercise to create a program by myself. I also blush up on my english reading skill because this site is written in English.

I wanna be a good programer someday!!



Amazing presentation.

i learn a little about computer, so i can understand how complex is this model.

He said we can create a brain as a computer in 10 years. i can’t wait the time.

Exam week finished!

My examination week has finished!

So i will begin my new life from tomorrow!!

i restart the club activity (3 times in a week probably), research works, English, and others. i wanna do lots of things as a teenager.


Study Plan

I’m going to write about study plan of the rest of 5th grade.

I’m now major in electronics control and going to shift to mechanical engineering next year. It means that there is a benefit that i know wide area of engineering. I’ve been studying mechanics, electronics, information, control, material, economics, and other important engineer’s ability. If we want to design a machine; a robot; and even an experimental systems, we need to know whole the knowledge about them. Someday, i want to lead a big project to make a wonderful material devices which is based on OTFT’s characteristic such as high sensitivity and flexibility. Then the management skill to lead a project; and a wide range of knowledge of control engineering are so important.

For those reasons, i need to review all the subjects that i learned for this 5 years. So i will study “material engineering”,”electric circuit”, “electronic circuit”, and basic “electromagnetism” this month. And after reviewing them, i’ll make a PIC microcomputer system as a result of my 5 years. Oh, it’ll be a little tough… But it is in need because from next year, i’ll place on learning mechanical engineering to pursue the others who learns it for 5 years. I think it’s not too late to overtake them because an ordinary college student will study these engineering skill just for an year. As compared to them, i study mechanics much deeper and have an enough chance to overtake the others.

I think the human resourse;who have a wide range of knowledge about engineering and special knowledge of mechanical&material engineering, is valued for the human society. I want to enhance my special ability and be a good researcher of material device.

What an exciting technology!

i’m so impressed by this video!!!

As i said the other day, recently, i’m so interested in 3D-modeling technology. It is sure that my field is mechanical engineering, but i share a common interest on CG-modeling.

Watching this video, i want to know about “emotion capture technology”. i’m so excited at this skill which can record the delicate human motions. I think this technology will be widely used as a common tool to make a motion modeling in the future.

One day, i want to make a very high sensitivity sensor which is composed of thin films. Maybe such a sensor and the motion capture will create a dramatic moving of robots. i can’t wait the future:-)!!!!

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